2017 Dodge Challenger Concept Review

The 2017 Dodge Challenger Concept is specially designed in a way that it has a vintage but classic look. This is complimented by a powerful engine which enables the car have a high performance. The various features of this car make it be regarded as one of the most attractive and powerful sedans expected to be released.

2017 Dodge Challenger Concept front

2017 Dodge Challenger Concept – Exterior and Interior

The bumper shape of 2017 Dodge Challenger Concept has been slightly altered to give it a more elegant look. This car will also be endowed with two round head lights on each side which will be using the LED technology. As a result this car will be more convenient to use in situations where there is poor visibility such as at night or in foggy places. This car will also have redesigned tail lights where they will have a rectangular shape to further enhance the looks. It will be using eighteen inches by seven point five alloy wheels which are both attractive and comfortable to drive in. its dimensions will be; width of seventy five point seven inches, height of fifty seven point one inches, length of one hundred and ninety seven point nine inches, ground clearance of five point one inches and a wheel base of one hundred and sixteen inches. Furthermore, this 2017 car will be available in different colors and therefore buyers will have the opportunity to choose their desired colors. To enhance convenience while using this car it will come with an inside mounted spare tire. It will also have variable intermittent wipers and rear defoggers. This car will have a five passenger capacity including the driver. The seats inside the car are redesigned where it will have a six way power driver seat which will have a power adjustable lumbar support. The passenger seats will have manual adjustable lumbar support and the rear seats will have a folding center armrest. The steering wheel of 2017 Dodge Challenger Concept will be using the tilt and telescopic technology and will be covered with leather to enhance firm grip. Most of the modern and technologically oriented features of this car will be controlled through the large touch screen which will be mounted on the dash board. However, audio and cruise controls will be on the steering wheel. For connectivity and entertainment purposes this car will have a total of six speakers and an AM/FM stereo. It will also have auxiliary audio input and USB with external media control. There will also be a memory card slot and Bluetooth wireless data link for hands free phone where the driver can make calls and send text messages without losing concentration. There will also be various safety features such as air bags, emergency braking assist, head rests and child seat anchor amongst others.

2017 Dodge Challenger Concept interior

2017 Dodge Challenger Concept – Engine Specs

This 2017 Dodge Challenger Concept will be powered by a 6.2 liter V8 engine that will be able to produce 305 hp and a torque of 268. This engine will be supported by 6 speed transmission and 8 automatic transmission. It will also have an eighteen point five gallon fuel capacity and a fuel economy of 19/30 mpg. This means that the engine will be powerful but will have a high fuel economy.

2017 Dodge Challenger Concept reAR

2017 Dodge Challenger Concept – Price and Release

The 2017 Dodge Challenger Concept is expected to be released during the last quarter of 2016 after all the testing have been completed. The initial price of this car will be reasonable where buyers will be able to buy it at about $ 60, 000.

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