2017 Dodge Challenger Convertible Redesign

Are you a sports car enthusiast? Well this is a must read for you. Introducing a new model into the automotive industry is the 2017 Dodge Challenger Convertible. Produced by Dodge this is the car to look forward to for all those who love class, luxury, performance and great design. The 2017 Dodge Challenger Convertible is an improvement of its previous models. It combines a great performance, comfort, sleek design and sophisticated designs to make this car one of a kind.

2017 Dodge Challenger Convertible font

2017 Dodge Challenger Convertible – Exterior and Interior

he exterior of the Dodge Challenger Convertible will sure meet your taste in this modern era. It is more stylish with better and classy bodywork for the modern man. It is a classy design that makes it look sportier and more luxurious. Unlike the previous models it has a sleeker body making it swifter. A lot of work has been invested in its exterior body creating a flawless metallic surface. More attention has been paid around the grille and headlights area. Its front grille has been redesigned to give a more aggressive, manly and sporty design. Its headlights on the other end have smoother curves around the edges. Its wheels are wrapped in 20 inches of large aluminum alloy. The interior of the Dodge Challenger Convertible combines a sporty soul and a modern design.The cabin area has been redesigned to create more space, luxury and comfort. It has 5 seats all which are wrapped in synthetic leather to give it the classy appearance. The cabin has a distinct black theme that adds more class to this design. Unlike the previous editions off the Dodge Challenger the 2017 Dodge Challenger Convertible comes with better upgrades that make it even more elegant, masculine and sporty.

2017 Dodge Challenger Convertible interior

2017 Dodge Challenger Convertible – Engine Specs

Considering it’s a sports car much attention has been paid to the engine. Just as the previous models, its engine varies from 3.6 liter V6 to 6.2 liter V8 on the upper end. The V6 unit comes paired with an 8- speed auto transmission system while the V8 units comes with a 6 speed manual and automatic gearbox. This makes its performance one of a kind as it can run faster than other models.

2017 Dodge Challenger Convertible side

2017 Dodge Challenger Convertible – Price and Release

The exact dates of the release of the Dodge Challenger Convertible are not yet officially confirmed. However, it is speculated to be released late 2016 or early 2017. Going by the prices of the previous Dodge series cars it is speculated to range from $30,000 to around $50,000. Well, for all sports car enthusiasts this is the car for you. Not only does it give you class and luxury but its performance will make all the attention be drawn to you on the roads. Start saving now as the 2017 Dodge Challenger Convertible is real value for your money!

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